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            1963 - High acceleration missile proposed for close-in defense
                   against ICBM.

        NOV 1963 - First firing of 4 slant launched vehicles for materials

            1964 - Modification of ZEUS ground control equipment and
                   construction of launch cells for SPRINT.

        MAR 1965 - First firing of 2 slant launched vehicles for propulsion
                   test (PTV).

        NOV 1965 - First firing of SPRINT.

        MAY 1966 - First test of dual plane pitchover.

        AUG 1967 - First demonstration of control system with 2nd stage

        OCT 1967 - First demonstrations of flight to primary and secondary
                   design points.

        NOV 1967 - First demonstration of maximum maneuver.

        FEB 1968 - First firing with tactical cell closure.

        JUL 1968 - First demonstration of control response and endurance with
                   maximum lateral acceleration.

        FEB 1969 - First firing of 3 rounds instrumented for staging data.

            1969 - Firings scheduled to complete the staging experiments,
            1970   flight tests of MOD III autopilot and MGS, demonstrate
                   extended range, and flight tests of warhead sections.

        JUL 1969 - First firing MOD III extended range.

        NOV 1969 - First firing warhead kit.

        MAY 1970 - First firing MOD IV configuration.

        AUG 1970 - Last firing.

                (Complete program will total 42 SPRINT firings and 6
                materials and propulsion test vehicles.)