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                                      NIKE I - AJAX

        MAY 1951 - Publication of Surface-to-Air Guided Missile System report
                   (NIKE I).

        APR 1952 - Series of firings to test tactical control system and
        JUN 1952   lightweight 3-fin booster.

        JUL 1952 - First firing of production missile.

        NOV 1952 - Start of R&D tests with Prototype Ground Guidance system.

                 - Start of Engineer/User tests.

        OCT 1953 - Start of Army training firing at Red Canyon with production

        JUL 1953 - Start of Ordnance Proof tests.

        DEC 1953 - First deployment of production system at defense site.

            1954 - Continued firings in support of production, training
            1955   and deployment. Includes cold weather tests at Ft.
            1956   Churchill, Canada, and sea level tests at Salton Sea.
                   Also includes several-demonstrations against special

            1957 - Now known as NIKE AJAX, the firing program continued 1958 in
                   support of production and in demonstrations of system
                   performance and effectiveness.
            1959 - Occasional batch firings in support of both AJAX and
        and later  HERCULES for special exercises and hardware qualification

        OCT 1966 - Last firings of AJAX by contractor to shakedown HERCULES
                   system modified for high "g" maneuver capability.

            (Total of 743 firings including 92 early R&D, and 77 with special
            round numbers for demonstrations and other exercises.)

            (Plus 17 dummy rounds.)