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Minutes of meeting 8/9/15 in Alameda, CA

Attendees:  Al Kellogg, Ron Parshall, Liz Parshall, Gordon Lunn, Ron Jacobs and Judy Kellogg

Called to order at 10:14

Secretary read minutes of 5/3/15 meeting and they were accepted.

Treasurers report: As of 8/6/15 we have $10,192.56 in the bank. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

New Business:

Secretary had receipts for expenses in amount of $94.04 and was paid by the Treasurer

Decals – we have reprinted existing decals and have added a new one for the Ajax missile.  Ron Jacobs will add the new one to our store website at $5.00 each.

Al will contact the visitor center with the decals to see if there is an interest in buying them to sell in their visitor center.  Also he will contact Kristin Elford at Angel Island State Park as she expressed an interest in the Ajax missile decal once it was reproduced.

Judy Kellogg will rewrite the decal installation sheet which will condense it to fit our purposes.

We only had 5 responses to our inquiry regarding a picnic on Sept 12, 2015 so Ron Jacobs will resend the email changing the date to October 3, 2015 with a show of hands no later than Sept 18.  The change of date will allow for better planning of the event, and if the attendees still remain low, we may decide to postpone the picnic until 2016.

Gordon Lunn did not have any further information on the missiles destined for Everglades and Site Summit from SF88.  The subject will be dropped unless we hear from SF88 asking for our help.

Ron Jacobs will be looking into the web page as Google has downgraded us.  This is his first priority.  He will then address the “About Page” and will update everyone at the next meeting.  He had an invoice for a Dreamweaver 1 year subscription for $239.88 which was paid by the Treasurer.

Oral history updates.  Al Kellogg was interviewed by the GGNRA intern as well as Alex Gyorfi. They both said the interviews went well and were handled professionally.  No one else has been contacted.

Al Kellogg was contacted by the Richard Montgomery High School and their mascot/image is called “Rockets”.  The rocket shown was a Nike Hercules missile.  Al emailed them a copy of an illustrated missile, which they appreciated receiving.

Al Kellogg also brought up the subject for discussion on donations to the missile sites.  Motion was made to write a check to Site Summit for $2000.00 to further aid them in their work. Gordon Lunn suggested that:

  1. Al Kellogg should contact Al Blank about SF88 regarding a donation
  2. Ron Parshall will contact Chicago, Florida and Sandy Hook to see if there is interest from their volunteers.  Per Gordon, The Everglades site can allocate to special projects.
  3. Ron Parshall has contacted Sandy Hook and has not received any replies from them.

Our next meeting will be at the Christmas get together which will be announced later. 

Meeting adjourned at 11:35