Meeting Minutes 11/16/14

Minutes of meeting 11/16/14 held in Alameda, CA

Attendees:  Al Kellogg, Ron Parshall, Liz Parshall, Ron Jacobs and Judy Kellogg

Called to order at 13:06

Secretary read minutes of 9/28/14 meeting and they were accepted.

Treasurers report:

As of 11/16/14 we have $8452.07 in the bank

New Business

The secretary has completed all the pending PayPal requests/merchandise orders.  Judy submitted receipts for expenses and was paid at the meeting for $120.47. Judy still has questions regarding updating the renewal membership list as well as the PayPal procedures.  Ron Parshall will contact the previous secretary for help with this matter.

The GGNRA asked for help with removal of trees at SF88.  There were some volunteers from NHS that helped out, namely, R. Parshall, R. Jacobs, M. Jacobs, and G. Lunn.  While there Al Kellogg visited and had a conversation with Susan Haley for a proposed project she is instigating to do verbal interviews with the Nike veterans.  Al already has some veteran’s stories and will pass these on to her.  Susan also wanted to know who is replacing the rails at SF88.  Al said that it was probably Alex Gyorfi, but that Al Blank would have better knowledge of who and when it was done.

Al also mentioned that Susan told him that she has been working with Bruce Long, Nicole Hayduk, Alaska National Park Service Regional Curator and Historian along with the Alaska Lt. Governor’s office to coordinate the transfer of desired components from SF88.  Susan also mentioned that she appreciated Gordon Lunn’s facilitating efforts to bring Site Summit and SF88 together, and mentioned she has a very good handle on what assets are available for transfer and said she will take it from here with any future negotiations with the Site Summit Team.

The ARADCOM Trophy is still in the warehouse in Sacramento.  A letter was sent to the National Guard regarding the repairs that were going to be necessary.  No reply so we are going to forego any further communication regarding this trophy.

Susan Haley mentioned that SF88 needs new Pit doors either made or found.  I mentioned that Alex Gyorfi investigated getting doors and that some may be available from Site SF93.  Ron will take a trip there to see if the SF93 site still has them and are still willing to give them to SF88. Ron will visit the site and report back later. If the doors are still available it will be the Park Service’s responsibility to make contact with the San Rafael Sanitary Department to make arrangements for removal and shipment.

LA14/29 –we spoke about this and Gordon’s efforts regarding getting names of veterans that served on these sites.  We tabled this information and will ask for more from Gordon Lunn at the next meeting and see if there is anything the Society can do to help in this endeavor. 

 It has been suggested that we look into “Cafepress” to support our Society Store sales.  Ron Jacobs forwarded some links for us to look at.  We all agreed that this doesn’t seem to be a good fit for our small operation since the % that Cafepress takes would not be in the best interest for the Society.  It might be a better idea to look into EBay instead for selling our merchandise.

Al Kellogg has contacted Aaron Bluhm at the Marin Headlands Visitor Center regarding postcards. Aaron has requested we bring 50 of each card, along with an Invoice and drop them off at the visitor center the next time he was in the area.  Al said that he will try and get them there the week of the 22nd.

Next meeting – February 15, 2015 in Alameda at 11:00

Meeting adjourned at 14:17