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Meeting minutes October 21, 2018

Minutes of meeting 10/21/18 South SF, CA

Attendees: Al Kellogg, Ron Parshall, Liz Parshall, Linda Stoppoloni, Ron Jacobs, Gordon Lunn and Judy Kellogg.

Meeting was called to order at 11:00 a.m.

Secretary read minutes of 7/01/18 meeting and they were accepted and will be modified on our web page by Ron Jacobs.

Treasurer’s report: As of 10/18/18 we have $11,834.57 in the bank. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

New Business:

Picnic expenses, mailing costs & new Oozlefinch pins in amount of $556.82 were paid to Judy Kellogg.

2 Yr Nike costs paid to Ron Jacobs in amount of $27.90.

Dog Yard Restoration: Al Blank waiting for money – Al Kellogg will check with him.

Pritzker Military Museum and Library: They contacted the Society to ask if we could help identify Nike veterans who served in the Chicago Defense. Both Ed Thelen and Gordon Lunn served with Chicago Nike units. Gordon met with Leah Cohen, Oral History and Reference Manager, Holt Oral History Program, in Chicago on Sept 20, 2018. They identified several ways the Society could assist them and Gordon is working to provide Pritzker this assistance. 

Gordon Lunn gave a 2-hour oral history interview with the museum on Sept 20, 2018. The interview covered all phases of Gordon’s 23 years of military service including that in Chicago with the 1/202 ADA, Illinois Army National Guard. It ended with reflections on his service in the 1st Cold War, comments on the 2nd (current) Cold War and the differences between the two. Gordon was treated to a tour, by the Chief Librarian, of the Museum’s 65,000 books, a view of their World War I Anniversary exhibit and was given a Pritzker Challenge Coin.

Gordon Lunn met with Francois Hughes at the NHS Picnic to get an update on the progress Andrea and her team are making with the oral histories of Nike veterans. They did not receive the grant money and are cutting back their efforts. They plan to turn over their raw audio to the NPS Archives and will seek other funding to continue the project. Francois was contacted on Sept 24th for an update and no response has been received.

250th/251st Reunion Report. The 44th reunion of the two California Army National Guard Nike Battalions took place in Laughlin, Nevada 14-16 October 2018. Highlights of the reunion include:

Ed Thelen was contacted by a Civil Air Patrol group wanting advice on restoring Nike Site BA-79 in Baltimore. Ron Parshall stated that some people from Baltimore will be coming to SF-88 and he will talk to them about their plans and report back to us at the next meeting.

After hiking up to Hill 88 (SF-88C) on August 14th, Gordon Lunn asked Ranger Al Blank if we could organize a painting party to rid the buildings of graffiti. Al agreed, and on August 22nd reported he had received the paint. Since then we have been waiting for a date and now looks as though it will be in spring 2019.

In the restoration of the ARADCOM Commanders Trophy, Gordon Lunn submitted a proposal to the Citizen Soldier Museum to restore the trophy, both the battalion and the firing battery versions. Follow-ups with the curator, Dan Sebby, have not been answered. Gordon will follow up again.

The Nike Historical Society is considering donations of approximately $5000. to sites for their restoration and maintenance efforts. A check has been issued to Site Summit in Alaska to help with their ongoing work and we are looking at other sites in Everglades and SF88 to help them.

No new updates from webmaster.

Hosting expenses for $20 per meeting have been approved.

Next meeting will be held on 1-13-19 in San Carlos.

Meeting adjourned 12:15 PM.