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Meeting minutes Jan. 27, 2019

Minutes of meeting 1/27/19 in San Carlos, CA

Attendees:  Al Kellogg, Ron Parshall, Liz Parshall, Ron Jacobs, Gordon Lunn and Judy Kellogg.

Meeting was called to order at 11:08 a.m.

Secretary read minutes of 10/21/18 meeting and they were accepted except for wording as follows:

A check has been issued to Site Summit in Alaska to help with their endowment fund (not for ongoing work) as was reported.

Treasurer’s report:  As of 1/27/19 we have $10,569.75 in the bank.  Treasurer’s report was accepted.

New Business:

Postage, office supplies came to $331.71 and a check was issued to Judy Kellogg.  As of 12/31/18 we have 715 members, an increase of 35 for the year.  Total income for 2018 was $5040.90.

Due to postage rates increasing yearly, we will change our new memberships to $25.00 to help cover the cost of shipping/handling. This increase will take effect as soon as our website is changed.  We will also offer a Lifetime membership for $250.00.

Election of Directors was proposed to re-elect current directors for a 1 year term.  Officers will remain the same as last year. This proposal was agreed to.

President: Al Kellogg

Treasurer: Ron Parshall

Secretary: Judy Kellogg

Webmaster: Ron Jacobs

Directors: Linda Stoppoloni, Liz Parshall

Tim Gordon sent photos of C50 Chicago Defense site in Homewood, Illinois.  Ron Jacobs will put them on our website.

Dog yard:  Al Blank will now get the materials from a list Al Kellogg sent.  Construction will start in the spring.

SF88 IFC painting project for graffiti removal is being considered.  Al Kellogg will advise at the next meeting after speaking with Al Blank.

Webmaster, Ron Jacobs, will renew Dreamweaver in May.

NHS sent $2000 to Site Summit for their endowment fund.  Ron Parshall will call Sandy Hook to see what their status is. 

In regard to BA79 Tracking Radars in Baltimore, we will wait for them to contact us with a plan.

Angel Island, no word from them so Al Kellogg will contact California State Parks to see about the facilities on the island.

We will contact Al Blank to confirm that our annual reunion and picnic will be held this year on Sept 7th.

The 2018 picnic was successful and we had a good turnout.

SF88 Oral Histories.  Gordon Lunn has been in contact with Francois Hughes about the next steps in this project.  Since they did not get additional funding, the project is essentially on hold.  Gordon declined Francois’ offer to re-record portions of his oral history pending the funding.  Francois’ partner, Andrea Steves, has been doing residencies at the University of Michigan and in Iceland, and now looks like will be working at the New School in New York City for an unknown duration.

Gordon Lunn will contact Dan Sebby at the Citizen Soldier museum after April 2019.

Next meeting will be in Alameda at Parshall’s residence on May 5, 2019.

Meeting adjourned 12:13 pm.