Minutes of May 3, 2015 Meeting

Minutes of meeting 5/3/15 in So San Francisco, CA

Attendees:  Al Kellogg, Ron Parshall, Liz Parshall, Gordon Lunn, Linda Stoppoloni and Judy Kellogg

Called to order at 10:30

Secretary read minutes of 2/22/15 meeting and they were accepted with a revision (see new business).

Treasurers report:

As of 4/30/15 we have $9920.41 in the bank. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

New Business:

As noted above the 2/22/15 minutes should have stated that the appointment of Ron Jacobs as Webmaster Director was approved by NHS directors.

Secretary provided receipts for expenses in the amount of $88.76 and was paid by the Treasurer.

Discussion was opened up by Al Kellogg regarding emails from Susan Ewing Haley, GGNRA regarding participating in a volunteer meeting to discuss future SF88 interpretations and maintenance, also a kick-off for the oral history program.  Al reminded Susan that both he and Ron Parshall are still blackballed from volunteering and would not be able to attend then next meeting with the volunteers, but would like to.  Gordon stated that volunteers and NHS have separate meetings now and that works well.  Susan will notify us when and where the oral history interviews begin and she stated that all Nike Veterans may participate.

Ron Jacobs could not attend so we will revisit the “About Page” at our next meeting.

We will need to order more decals very soon.  Ron Parshall will get the ordering information to Judy so that can be done.  We have also been in contact with Kristen Elford at Angel Island State Park regarding the Ajax missiles.  Al Kellogg will come up with some designs for an Ajax missile decal and we may go forward with it so we can provide her, and the Society, decals for sale.

We will not be having a reunion in 2015 and will postpone that to 2016.  We are looking into having a picnic near site SF88 on September 12, 2015.  We will place a message on our web site seeking a show of interest before planning begins.  Once we see that there is interest, the society, Linda, Judy and Liz will coordinate the details.

Gordon has been very helpful in interfacing for the possible movement of the SLO Missile to Site Summit.  Al Blank, SF88 Site Manager, told Gordon that one missile may go to Site Summit and one to the Everglades.  Gordon also mentioned that there still are the Nike Missiles that Gary Power had and suggested we should look into their availability for future reference.

David Brouchard (Bty B 2nd Bat. 126, Art. Waukesha, WI) looking for a video project Hercules.  Al will contact David with a message to engage Ed Thelen to discover if he has any information regarding his request.

Next meeting – August 9, 2015 in Alameda at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned 11:40