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Meeting minutes May 19, 2019

Minutes of meeting 5/19/19 Alameda, CA

Attendees:  Al Kellogg, Ron Parshall, Liz Parshall, Ron Jacobs, Gordon Lunn, Linda Stoppoloni, and Judy Kellogg.

Meeting was called to order at 11:09 AM

Secretary read minutes of 1/27/19 meeting and they were accepted.

Treasurer’s report: As of 5/16/19 we have $10,519.23 in the bank. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

New Business:

Additional funding has been authorized for Susan Ewing, Historian.  She is looking for local histories and if they are given to her, a release agreement needs to be signed.  While this is a “standard agreement”, if you are asked to sign one please read it carefully prior to signing.

As of 5/19/19 NHS has 726 members.  Our income from the store and renewal of memberships came to $1237.96 for 1st 5 months of 2019.  Secretary had receipts for $357.74 which was paid by Treasurer.  Also Webmaster, Ron Jacobs renewed Dreamweaver for $239.88 for 1 year and was paid by Treasurer.

Update on the ARADCOM trophy:  We will place the ARADCOM trophy renovation project on hold until the Citizen Soldier Museum has moved to its new location and the trophy has been recovered from one of the three warehouses where it might be stored.

Gordon Lunn attended the Missile Defense Advocacy Alliance (MDAA) seminar in Phoenix where the new Ground Based Interceptor (GBI) Kill Vehicle team from Raytheon was honored.  On March 25th the GBI intercepted an incoming target in space traveling 22,000 miles per hour and scored a direct hit. The second (salvo, just like the Nike used to do) launch locked onto and destroyed the largest piece of the target left from the first missile hit.

There is an Annual Fundraiser Dinner & Tour from Friends of Nike Site Summit on June 20, 2019 featuring Guest Speaker: Brigadier General Scott Clancy, Royal Canadian Air Force Deputy Commander, Alaskan NORAD Region “The US and Canada in NATO: 50 Years of Alliance”.  Ron Jacobs will post in reunions on our webpage.

Greg Brown, SF88, repaired the pressure gauge assembly on the Elevator Pumping Unit. He sent in an invoice which was approved and paid 5/16/19 for $257.18.  Also at SF88 Alec Gyorfi is sending Al Kellogg a quote to fix the lawnmower that was damaged in the dog structure lawn area.  This expenditure is pre-approved up to $500 when the actual cost is known.

The dog yard structure: Al Blank has funds and list.  This project may be started in summer 2019.

Our annual reunion is scheduled for Saturday, September 7, 2019 at 11 a.m.  Al Kellogg will arrange for food for 35 people, Liz Parshall will arrange for cake, Judy Kellogg and Linda Stoppoloni will arrange for paper products from Costco.  Ron Jacobs has announced the reunion/picnic on the website and we hope to have a good turnout. Al Kellogg is researching 4” embroidered shoulder patches or decals with the ARADCOM shield on the left and the Oozlefinch on the right with the words “Nike Historical Society 2019 Reunion” in script around the perimeter to be given away to attendees.

We will continue the binder inventory with Ron Parshall.  Judy Kellogg and Linda Stoppoloni will set up a date for completing this inventory.

Next meeting will be August 25th at Linda Stoppoloni’s residence in S. San Francisco at 11 a.m.

Meeting adjourned 12:33 pm.