April 7, 2014 Meeting Minutes


Nike Historical Society Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 13:17

Members Present: E. Parshall, R. Parshall, R. Jacobs, A. Kellogg, J. Nurisio, E. Nurisio

Secretary read the minutes from January 17, 2014 meeting. The minutes were accepted, as read.

Secretary's Report:

Twenty-three members responded that they would be interested in attending the 2015 reunion in the Bay Area. An email inquiry was sent out to all members who have furnished an email address. The Webmaster stated that he would send out another survey since the response was so sparse.

The PayPal account generated $301.71 since the last meeting. This amount was deposited into the checking account.

The Society was contacted by a volunteer at the Angel Island Nike Site. The volunteer asked if the Society was interested in helping them. They are planning to restore the site, (Launcher Area) and give tours. The Secretary responded to the inquiry by informing the volunteer that such a request would have to come from the State of California. Until such time no action will be taken.

A Nike Ajax missile and launcher was posted on Facebook indicating that it was privately own and that the owner was placing it for sale for the amount of $2500.00. The poster of the information was asked to furnish the Society with the seller's contact information, since the Society is interested in purchasing it. So far, no information has been forthcoming. In a related matter a volunteer from Nike Site NY-56 posted on Facebook that they would be interested in the item. The Secretary responded that, if the Society chose to purchase the item, they would have to arrange for pickup and transportation back to their site. So far, no response has been received.

The Secretary reported that the same PayPal notification issue remains at the all such notifications are being sent to the Historian. It was decided to leave the matter be.

The Secretary submitted receipts in the amount of $188.03 for re-imbursement.

Treasurer's Report

Currently there is $10652.03 in the Society's account.

Webmaster's Report:

The Webmaster reported that there were issues with the store page. It wouldn't let a shopper continue shopping after the first purchase. He stated that he repaired it.

The notification of the 471st's upcoming Colorado reunion has been posted on the website.

General Discussion:

The question of who was planning to attend the Alaska reunion was asked of the members present? No one responded that they were planning to attend.

Whether or not the Society would be interested in donating funds to a Sea Scout group which is restoring a site in the Chicago area was brought up. This discussion lead to the Society sending letters of inquiry to selected restoration projects to inquire of their individual needs.

The yearly picnic was discussed and it was decided to hold it in the month of July. Two location options were selected. Tilden Park in Berkeley, or a park in San Ramon.

Confirmation was established that the Nike Historical Society will have no further contact with the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in relation to SF-88. In addition, no further attention will be shown SF-88.

The meeting was adjourned at 14:13

The next meeting is scheduled for July 20, 2014 to be held in the Veteran's Building in Alameda at 1 p.m.