Minutes of 7/20/2014 meeting

July 20, 2014

Nike Historical Society Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 13:10

Members present: E. Parshall, R. Parshall, A. Kellogg, G. Lunn, L. Stoppoloni, J. Kellogg

President read the minutes from April 7, 2014 meeting.  The minutes were accepted with the following exception:  notation regarding SF88 contact was taken out of context.  A correction will be affirmed in the minutes of July 20, 2014.

Treasurers Report

Currently there is $10,806.39 in the Society’s account.

Webmasters Report

Ron Jacobs could not attend

General Discussion

Exception to April 7, 2014 minutes:  The Nike Historical Society will not have contact with GGNRA regarding SF88 unless a request for assistance is received.  There will then be a discussion by the members/directors regarding our position with SF88 and the GGNRA will be advised of our decision.  We will work with the GGNRA to build a new, strong relationship in a positive manner and react to their requests as need be.  Point in fact is the cooperation of posting their message for returning artifacts back to the Nike Veteran owners.

An email was received on May 7, 2014 from Ezio Nurisio resigning both as Secretary and as a member of the Nike Historical Society.

The Board of Directors has removed Ezio Nurisio and Judy Nurisio as directors of the Society.  A motion was made to elect Judy Kellogg as Secretary of the society which was approved.  Judy Kellogg and Linda Stoppoloni were voted in as directors for the unexpired terms and to bring the number of Directors to 5.

The store will remain closed until Sept 1, 2014.  Ron Jacobs will be advised to add this to the web page.

Also the picnic has been cancelled for 2014 and this will also be on the web page.

A discussion was made about communications sent from the Society.  The consensus is that all communications coming from the Society must be condoned by the President, Al Kellogg, as we want to be portrayed in a positive position at all times.

It was discussed that the President would contact Susan Ewing Haley, Historical Curator for the GGNRA in an open letter, stating that we are receiving stories from past Nike Veterans and if she wants them for her archives NHS will send them to her upon request.

Missile parts from Italy.  Al Kellogg had a conversation with Alex Gyorfi regarding a discussion with Susan Haley, possibly looking to get up to 7 working launchers and/or a siren for the BC Van.  Al found a contact name in Italy and sent him an email.  Al wrote Susan an email on 7/21/14 stating that he sent a request to Italy but warned her that this contact may no longer be in a position to broker any missile parts.  Al will be waiting to see if the fellow replies before he sends his name to her.

Approval of a donation of $2000.00 was made to support the Nike Site Summit in Alaska for their ongoing restoration efforts.  Al Kellogg will write a letter to go along with our donation.

Approval for airline funds for Ron Parshall to attend 471st reunion in Colorado was made.  He states that room and board is already provided.  Also we approved 100-150 color brochures be provided at a cost of approximately $50.00.

Meeting was adjourned at 16:30

Next meeting is scheduled for Sept 28, 2014 in San Carlos at 1 p.m.