Minutes of 9/28/14 Meeting

Minutes of meeting of Nike Historical Society held 9/28/14 in San Carlos, CA.

Attendees:  Ron Parshall, Ron Jacobs, Al Kellogg and Judy Kellogg

Called to order at 13:45

Secretary read minutes of meeting on 7/20/14.  Accepted with following exception:  “condoned by Al Kellogg” will be changed to “approved by Al Kellogg and communicated to directors prior to publication”.

Treasurers report:

$500 allocated to trip to Colorado by R. Parshall

$50 for brochures

Balance $8584.26

Expenses of secretary: $132.19 approved and treasurer’s report accepted

New Business

Al Kellogg received a message from Susan Haley at GGNRA arranging a meeting for him to pick up his artifact from SF88.  He spoke with her at the Presidio for 1-1/2 hours and came away with positive comments regarding NHS involvement with the Park Service.  She also has missiles in tubes that will be available.  Previously Gordon Lunn mentioned Site Summit was interested in them.  Ron Parshall will send Susan an email or visit the site regarding the green missile tube.  There has also been an interest by Florida in these items.

Regarding our $2000.00 donation to Site Summit, Gordon Lunn visited their site and was recognized as part of the NHS.  They also mentioned that our check was perfectly timed as they had matching funds to go with it.  They were very appreciative of our gift to them.

Postcards in visitor centers:  Al Kellogg will meet with them again and advise results.

Gordon Lunn made a suggestion for the NHS store in regard to a 3rd party vendor who might coordinate our sales as some of the other sites are doing.  We don’t have enough information and at the next meeting will see if Gordon wants to pursue this idea and get more details.

Ron Parshall attended the reunion in Colorado and was very impressed by their organization of this event.  He was a keynote speaker.  It was suggested that we could pattern our next reunion using some of their ideas.

Ron Jacobs and Judy Kellogg will organize the NHS store and the PayPal accounts.  Judy will have all our new/renewal memberships mailed by mid-October.  The store has also been reopened.

Next meeting will be in Alameda on November 16, 2014

Meeting adjourned at 14:25