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Nike Veterans!

Share your Nike Missile Site knowledge and memories through Oral History with the National Park Service!

The National Park Service is seeking Nike veterans with Ajax and/or Hercules experience; all Nike missile job types, and all three Nike site areas: Launcher Site (especially emphasized), Control, and Administration, at any Nike Site throughout the U.S. or world. A recent Nike Launcher Site Visioning Workshop has laid the groundwork for future improvements at Nike site SF-88L in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Your memories and site descriptions will help the Park Service to achieve restoration, preservation, education, and interpretation goals into the future.

For more information or to schedule a meeting convenient for you, phone 415-561-2804 or email

What's New On NikeMissile.Org

November, 2015: Ted Swanson alerts us to WLRN's web page with many articles on the Cuban Missile crisis, including the role of Nike missiles.

Aug. 3, 2015: We've added four more cartoons by Bob Matlick to our HUMOR page. These wonderful old cartoons give some hint of the intensity of some Nike work while at the same time being irreverent about it all.

SP-5 Robert Layman, "B" Battery Missile Tracking Operator 75-78, manned a display for Homestead, FL Military Appreciation Day 30 May 2015

May 17, 2015: SPC Timothy Hardy has contributed a list of the dangers and terrors he faced while working on Nikes.

May 2015: John Garside writes: Hello everyone at the NIKE Historical Society. We finally finished the documentary about the NIKE bases. We contacted some of the enlisted guys that you sent us to, and they seemed into it. Then overnight they weren't. So, we were unable to include them in this... But that's ok, we think it turned out pretty good anyway. Thanks for all your help. The link is [Share your experience. You have another opportunity. -Editor]

May 13, 2015: Thomas Koedel contributed a comprehensive history of the Pittsburgh defense. He begins the story in 1952 with the guns used to defend Pittsburgh industry and transportation, and continues through the Ajax installation, and then the Hercules. His story of cold war defense is of interest to all of us.

Paul Robitaille wrote and contributed "History of the Niagara-Buffalo Army Air Defense 1952-1970" a period including gun and, later, missile defense of the area. Paul writes, "I am hopeful that posting it will raise a few more comments, additional material, and maybe and even better, some additional photos!

The Nike Historical Society received this thank-you letter for our donation to the Alaska Association for Historic Preservation.

April, 2015: LTC (Ret) Harold D. Stanford wrote up his story and submitted it to NHS president Al Kellogg. We're sharing it with you, and the National Park Service will archive it so that future generations may understand the Cold War era. (For more information, see Al's request in the box above.)

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