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                                     NIKE B - HERCULES

            1953 - Start of studies for Surface-to-Air defense against high
                   performance targets.

        JAN 1955 - First firing - missile configuration included liquid fuel
                   sustainer motor used in initial 58 missiles.

            1955 - Series of firings for aerodynamic control data and
            1956   shakedown of first model of ground guidance system.

        OCT 1956 - First system test against drone target.

        MAR 1957 - First firing with solid propellant motor (Round #57).

        APR 1957 - First intercept of drone target with R&D HERCULES system
                   (Round #62).

        JUN 1957 - First delivery of production ground guidance system.

        AUG 1957 - First demonstration of surface-to-surface capability.

        APR 1958 - First delivery of production missiles. Start of full scale
                   training program at McGregor Range.

        JUL 1958 - System demonstrations of weapon capabilities in Florida
                   (Operation Snodgrass) and WSMR (Project AMMO).

                 - First deployment at defense site.

        NOV 1958 - First warhead kill of high performance target (Q5 at
                   MACH 3).

                 - First warhead kill of high altitude target (POGO HI at
                   100,000 ft.).

        JUN 1959 - First firing from underground cell.

        SEP 1959 - First warhead kill of low altitude target (QF 80 at 1000

        FEB 1960 - First demonstration of extreme range (200,000 yds.) surface-
                   to-air role.

        MAR 1960 - First demonstration of extreme range (200,000 yds.) surface-
                   to-surface role.