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                          MULTI-FUNCTION ARRAY RADAR

            1962 - Development authorized on phased array radar.

        MAR 1963 - Start of site preparation at White Sands Missile Range.

        JUN 1964 - First "power on" and start of test program.

        SEP 1964 - First automatic track of missile target.

        MAR 1965 - Shutdown of transmitter for design changes. Receiver tests

        OCT 1965 - First full power radiation from full array with rebuilt

        DEC 1965 - Completed beam width measurements, radar range capability,
                   and absolute track accuracy evaluation.

        OCT 1966 - First demonstration of autonomous multi-function
                   operation tracking a satellite target.

        JUN 1967 - First demonstration of multiplex-frequency tracking of
                   multiple targets (PERSHING).

        SEP 1967 - Completed demonstrations of continuous operation, CHAFF
                   cloud survey, and fine frequency techniques. Terminated test
                   program 9/30/67.

              (SENTINEL Evaluation Agency continued operations at reduced
              level as a training facility through May 1969.)