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                                     EARLY NIKE R&D

        JUL 1945 - Publication of AAGM Report.

        SEP 1946 - First flight with cluster booster and dummy missile.

        OCT 1946 - First full powered flight with liquid sustainer motor.

            1947 - Series of free flight firings for structure, booster, and
                   aerodynamic data.

            1948 - Series of free flight firings for propulsion and separation
                   data. Single JATO booster replaces cluster.

            1949 - Series of steerable flight tests with on-board programmer and
                   telemetry for steering and roll control data.

        JAN 1950 - First controlled flight test with radar command guidance.

            1950 - Series of guided flight tests by programmed and manual radar
                   commands for control response and stability data.

            1951 - Series of guided flight tests (closed loop) with first
                   complete ground system including missile and target radars
			    and computer.

        NOV 1951 - First full system test against QB-17 drone with token burst
                   (spotting charge).

        DEC 1951 - Series of 3 system tests at ground targets and 15 system
        MAR 1952   tests at drones to evaluate performance.

        APR 1952 - Series of 5 system tests with fragmentation warheads
                   against QB-17 drones completing this phase of R&D program.

                               (Total of 92 firings)
                               (Plus 17 dummy rounds)