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We would like to thank our loyal fellow members of the Nike Historical Society for your continued support over the years. We will be closing the Society, including the store, as of March 31, 2024. We have acquired a large repository of Nike technical information. The web site will continue to be available. It has been our pleasure to keep the legacy of the Nike missile's contribution of the successful conclusion to the Cold War.

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The Nike Historical Society, a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, was founded to preserve in history the critical role Nike Missile Systems played in the air defense of our nation and other nations throughout the free world. The primary focus of the Society is to provide technical assistance and support to organizations for restoration projects and/or historical legends. The Society also insures that accurate and proper interpretations of the Nike Missile System are adhered to. In addition, the Society, through the site historian, is available to answer questions pertaining to the Nike system.

All profits that the Nike Historical Society makes from sales through the online store will be spent to further the goals (stated above) of the Society.
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Red Ajax Missile Hat

Ajax Missile Hat
(Hercules hats are out-of-stock)

Wear this distinctive Nike missile hat, a great way for Nike Missilemen to honor their service. Great also for historians and others with an interest in the Nike system. This bold red hat is sure to get a second look. Designed for the Nike Historical Society by Al Kellogg, this Nike missile hat sell at $19.95 each plus a shipping and handling charge of $7.50 per order.

calculator and gift box detail of calculator


Our pocket calculator
  • is as accurate as a Nike missile
  • won't interrupt you with phone calls
  • is, in fact, completely silent
  • has a colorful, unlighted keyboard
  • does not, in fact, glow in the dark
  • is easier to operate than a rotary dial phone
  • does not connect to Facebook or Twitter
  • comes in a colorful shiny cardboard box
  • will remind you of our web site address
  • Price $10.00

NHS sticker

NIKE Historical Society Sticker

Remember the Nike Historical Society. This is a quality sticker that is weather resistant. Anyone who would like a sticker may receive one for $5.00.

Patch: The Real Nike

Sew on shoulder patch- our version of gym shoes

Price $10.00

Sticker: Nuclear Delivery

Let them know what we were packin'

Sticker price: $7.00

Sticker: Nike Ajax surface to air missile.

Ajax: The First Nike Anti-Aircraft Missile

This 4 inch diameter sticker is adhesive backed and adheres to smooth, clean surfaces such as glass.

Sticker Price: $5.00

“Can You Picture This?”

How many times have you tried to picture something from your youth? Sometimes a picture forms when you smell a familiar smell or hear a familiar tune on the radio. What brings back the memory? Don't you sometimes just wish you had those pictures always at the ready whenever you want to see them in your minds eye? I know most of us wish we could, especially those of us that served in the Army Air Defense Command.  Now you can get something to show your friends and family. Al Kellogg, a Nike Hercules VET who served at C Battery, 2nd of the 51st Arty, San Rafael, California is offering  two prints of his pen and ink work. These prints are the beginning of a series of prints depicting the Nike story. The first of the series depicts a Nike Hercules Launching Area, with the IFC in the background. The second in this series is a wonderful assemblage of an IFC. These 8.5" by 11" pen and inks would be great for your wall or desk. Get your memory back as soon as you can. As you know, if you can remember, we were not allowed to take pictures or make drawings of our sites when we were there. You can have your very own NOW. These wonderful pen and inks are popular, so get yours now.

You can purchase a signed unframed copy of this print for only $25.

select print
select postcard
IFC sketch without frame
IFC (8.5x11 inch print)
Framed launch area sketch
Launcher Area (8.5x11 inch print)
Postcard: pen-and-ink of IFC Postcard: typical address side
IFC, Launcher Area, SF-88 museum Radar Park, and Warhead Building are also available as postcards (4x6 inch) at $1.25 each ($5.00 for a set of the 4 postcards).
Postcard of SF-88 Warhead building
SF-88 Warhead Building (available only as postcards)
Postcard of SF-88 Radar Park
SF-88 Radar Park (available only as postcards)
Postcard of SF-88 Launcher Area
SF-88 Launcher Area

Nike Historical Society lapel pin

Official Nike Historical Society Lapel Pin

Show your nostalgia for the Nike Historical Society and the Nike system by wearing our high quality metal and enamel Nike Historical Society Lapel Pin. This 3/4 inch diameter pin is $8.95.

How to Make Purchases

Paying for your selection: The Nike Missile Store is staffed by volunteers. Because of the small number of customers we have, we are able to treat each customer as a valued individual. You can mail your payment to us, or you can use your credit card or PayPal to make your payment. Either way, please be sure we know what you are paying for. If you are joining as a new member or renewing a membership, please be sure we have your name, address, and email address. If you are buying an item, please be sure we know what you are buying, the quantity you want, and your shipping address and contact information such as mail and email addresses and phone number.

The Nike Historical Society is an elite group. First and foremost, we are in this to promote appreciation of the Nike Missile System and those who made it work. We who mind the store are trying to keep this simple for ourselves and everyone else.

INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: We are sorry, but because of the complexity and additional expense, we do not ship internationally.

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