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Sneak Pics Taken When SF-88 Was Active


The Nike Historical Society received this message from Glenn D. Winningham (KD8JV):

I did a few years back send these pictures that I took with an Instamatic camera 110. A Pocket camera! Small, but, at times it would do a good job!

At the time, August 1973 to June, 1975, I was assigned to HHB 13th Air Defense Artillery Group. I was a mechanic. My motor pool was at Ft. Baker. At the Stop Sign when you go down the hill to the parade field. I do have a few other pictures, if you want them.

I have pictures of the U.S. Army boat that I was told was the Post General Boat! We, meaning enlisted men and officers and family members, were taken out on it at the end of closing the base, as I knew it to be, we were taken for a ride out in the bay and around Alcatraz Island! That was nice! This was as I remember in Early May, 1975. I could be wrong though. Also, I use to live at: 921-B Fort Barry. Buildings are torn down now. I loved that housing! To be honest, it was the BEST of times for me! Everyone got along for the most part and really GREAT DUTY Station for ME!

Well, I have provided the link below that MY pictures are posted by you. And I thank you for posting them. In closing, I will ask this one question? Is there anyway to make mention that I took the pictures? I would like to show my kids and grandkids that I contributed these pictures to you. It may help me find a few friends from back then!

He adds: "I miss California! BUT, I don't miss the traffic you have now..... "

SF88-L 1975SF88-L 1975SF88 IFC 1975SF88-L 1975SF88-L front gate 1975SF88-L and kennels 1975Fort Barry housing 1975Fort Barry housing 1975 (second view)SF-88L generator building and kennels 1975SF-88L generator building and test-and-assembly building 1975SF-88 IFC 1975SF88 warhead building 1975SF-88 battery A launchers 1975

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