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We would like to thank our loyal fellow members of the Nike Historical Society for your continued support over the years. We will be closing the Society, including the store, as of March 31, 2024. We have acquired a large repository of Nike technical information. The web site will continue to be available. It has been our pleasure to keep the legacy of the Nike missile's contribution of the successful conclusion to the Cold War.

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The Personnel Reliability Program, or PRP. The United States "stockpile" of nuclear weapons, nuclear weapons delivery vehicles and support facilities fall under the control of the Department of Energy. Branches of our military do not have custodial authority of nuclear weapons. They're only on loan. The DOE, if you will, owns these weapons.

As it is now, and how it was with Nike Missile Systems, personnel who had any access to, or controlled access to, nuclear warheads, or had influence over their use, were under the Personnel Reliability Program, better known as the PRP. These individuals also were given PRP ratings, which ranged from "Controlled" to "Critical".

Simply put:

"Only those personnel who have demonstrated the highest degree of individual reliability for allegiance, trustworthiness, conduct, behavior, and responsibility shall be allowed to perform duties associated with nuclear weapons, and they shall be continuously evaluated for adherence to PRP standards."

"Personnel who are selected to perform nuclear weapons duties shall be assigned designated PRP positions and that those positions shall be occupied only by U.S. citizens or U.S. nationals."

Most personnel, who worked in the tactical areas of a Nike Missile Site, whether it was in the Service and Assembly Area, the Launcher Area, or the Integrated Fire Control, were given a "critical" rating, which is the highest rating given under the PRP. Not only did these individuals have direct contact with nuclear weapons, but had influence over their use or control of their use. Were they constantly evaluated? Without question.

What could make you lose your PRP rating? How about a speeding ticket!