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Site SF88-L

This is a picture of the Assembly Area. The building to the right is the Assembly Building. The main body of the missile and the front guidance section were connected on a dolly and wheeled into this building and tested. The building in the center is the generator building. The site had 4 diesel generators as well as commercial power and frequency converters. The operators would switch from commercial power to generators while on alert.

The building to the left is the Warhead building. This is where all the sections of the missile were put together. The main body, and guidance sections were mated with the warhead section and the sustainer rocket motor was installed, then the main body and the booster section were wheeled to the launcher area where they were put together and placed into the magazine (nicknamed "the pit"). Toward the left is the Launching Area where the assembled missiles were stored and if necessary launched. In the distance you can see the Dog Kennel Area. This site had 4 dogs, with their handlers, assigned to help protect the site from unauthorized intruders.




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