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Interpreter Training, Dec. 7, 2011

HM-69 Home

December 7th, 2011, at Everglades National Park. Training session for new interpreters and extra tour for American and Cuban Veterans (most of them had served with both countries).

Two of them were B-25 pilots from the Bay of Pigs invasion, quite a few from the secretive resistance groups that were trying to oust Castro. Made for a very interesting day.

Missile Barn photo: Leon Howell - Seasonal (Interpretation) Park Ranger (Retired Coast Guard Commander) and with camera George Wallot (early 60’s Alaska Nike Hercules)

Class photo: Alan Scott (Pine Island District Interpreter - Everglades National Park) flyable Nike Missile donated by Charles Carter and Peggy O’Dell (Deputy Director NPS – Washington DC) [hopefully the paperwork will get done so that we may get the real missile]

I hope you enjoy the photos I shared.

-Ted Swanson SP5 A-2-52 IFC Radar Maint Chief 1966-68

training class class at missile barn donated model missile