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V.A. and Agent Orange Info

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Nike veterans diagnosed with cancers, sterility, heart disease, and many other illnesses have commented in the health discussion section of this website that they believe these illnesses may have been caused by Nike service. Nike vets may have been exposed to a variety of chemicals such as Agent Orange, ionizing radiation, and other toxic sources. But to obtain compensation the illness must be linked to a specific causative agent. It may be hard to prove that a particular cancer or other illness is linked to Nike related exposure. The following links may be helpful:

Swords to Plowshares provides free legal consultation to veterans.

How to contact a VA Environmental Health Coordinator The Environmental Coordinator at the VA mostly schedules appointments for evaluations.

Herbicide Tests and Storage outside of Vietnam may or may not be related in some way to the Nike system. There are many agents on the list. It's entirely possible that herbicides other than AO were used.

List of diseases that are linked to Agent Orange.

Exposure to Agent Orange by Location

The Agent Orange Registry and exam is open to any vet who thinks he/she may have been exposed.

Korean Demilitarized Zone and Agent Orange Exposure