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The Nike Historical Society is an association of veterans and other interested persons who want to record and make known the history, purpose, and people of the Nike Missile Air Defense system.

The Nike Historical Society was the brain child of Ron Parshall, one of the Nike Vets who helped restore Nike Site SF-88. The Society was formed to insure the proper interpretation of the Nike Missile System and was primarily focused on the preservation and proper interpretation of SF-88. As time went on most of the Nike Vets who were associated with SF-88 left but continued to participate in the development of the Society. The Society grew in recognition and membership, which today is world-wide. The focus of the Society has always remained the same: "The proper and accurate interpretation of the Nike Missile System." It has become a leading source in this endeavor. One of the main features of the Society is its website, Not only does the website interpret the missile system, it allows vets to post messages and attempt to get in contact with people they once served with. It also features sections where vets have contributed photos and related stories. A by-product of the Society's work has been a better public understanding and appreciation of what it took to be a Nike Missileman.