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We would like to thank our loyal fellow members of the Nike Historical Society for your continued support over the years. We will be closing the Society, including the store, as of March 31, 2024. We have acquired a large repository of Nike technical information. The web site will continue to be available. It has been our pleasure to keep the legacy of the Nike missile's contribution of the successful conclusion to the Cold War.

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Nike Humor

This section is primarily geared for Nike veterans, but can be appreciated by all who stroll through. Some of the statements may puzzle a non-vet, but rest assured, they're funny. Duties on a Nike missile site were no nonsense, taken seriously, and mistakes were not tolerated. Yet there always is a time to stop and reflect, and yes, put a bit of humor to it.

B C O: blazing skies, god damn it, blazing skies"BLAZING SKIES GODDAMNIT, BLAZING SKIES"
Cartoon contributed by Walter David Blanch.
(Mug reads "HELP THE BLIND")
Cartoon contributed by Jon W. Roy.

About the preceeding five cartoons:
Several years ago the Nike Historical Society received a cartoon, "Acq Operator", from Jon W. Roy. More recently, SFC Frank Miller sent 5 cartoons, including "Acq Operator", which were forwarded to us by Ted Swanson, in a series of what Frank said were six Nike Personal Cartoons. Frank says the missing cartoon is "Battery Control Officer". The author and artist of the cartoons appears to be Bob Matlick. From my search of the internet it appears that Matlick died in 1985. -Ron
From Ted Swanson: Possible artist?? Lt. Col. Robert Matlick - Deputy Commander ? The School Brigade ? Ft. Bliss, TX Air Defense Magazine 1982 pg 27
On your Nike site (Nike Humor page) you have a cartoon of an acq-operator. You might know that there are more cartoons like this. I have included them in the attachments. [These are the best copies we've received and the ones we've posted on -Ron] I can't remember where I took these pictures of A4-posters on the wall. I believe it was on the Namfi shooting range on Creta (Greece). The creator of these cartoons is Mslick as far as I can see. [Believed to be Matlick. -Ron] Maybe you can include them on your site.
Jos Weijenberg
IFC Radar/computer technician (226) on RNLAF 220Squadron Nike Hercules site in Schöppingen Germany (1969-1972)
*Sent:* Saturday, March 28, 2015 9:31 AM
*Subject:* Re: Computer Operator - Nike - Cartoon
These pictures look like the ones drawn by Col Bob Matlick from his book at C&GS. I have the book and just can not find it. I know it is in this house somewhere. The signature on the picture is Bob's.
Herb Siegel
(note: the ?Brain Power? is supplied by ?Tubes? ? not by transistors ! ) (yep ? that dates it) Ted
From: Walter David Blanch
Sent: Saturday, 4 March 2023
Subject: BCO

Attached is the BCO drawing I obtained while serving in the NY – Philadelphia AADCP 1973-74.

I thought it is suppose to be warm here!
I told you not to play with it! I just hope we can find all the parts!
The chairs are for the "In-Flight" mechanic.
Honest sarge! The ditch was straight when we dug it!
I tell ya! All we have to do is push it a little bit.
No I'm not the gate guard. I'm here to guard the dirty snow.
What's a photographic flame producing device anyway?
Okay. Shirts get the ball first. The missile is out of bounds.
Maybe it's a bowling ball bag!
Not only does it go round and round, but it catches birds!
I don't know! I was here on a tour when someone yelled "Blazing Pies", or something like that. Then everyone ran in there and I haven't seen them since!
Still can't find all the parts from last time!
Yes sir, you're right! There was a missile on that rail this morning.
The Launcher Area is down in the valley. Uh, hold that thought.
A true "in-flight" mechanic!
There are to be NO photos taken inside the vans!
And I'll repeat it if your didn't understand. There are to be NO photos taken inside the vans.
Just as long as everyone is clear on the photo taking thing.
Remember! I don't want to repeat myself.
Oh, and by-the-way. This includes no photos of the launching area.
Private! How many times do I have to tell you. You can't swan dive into the motorpool!
Of course, life on a Nike site isn't all that bad. For instance, there are plenty of recreational activities for the soldier to explore. The golf course presents a daily challenge and is rated at a par 72. One could play either the front or back nine for a quick round, or take on the entire 18 holes. Carts are provided at a nominal fee and E-3s and below are always available to caddy. One must be careful, though, not to hold any clubs over their head for too long, since they do tend to attract RF energy, should the radars be on. Some golfers have complained of their clubs becoming extremely warm on the 9th and 18th holes. In the winter months, cross country skiing takes the place of golf and there is always duck and goose to challenge the hunter in our one acre pond. To set the mood the entrance to the site is a tree lined lane, which compliments the surroundings. Valet service is available for a nominal fee.
Hello, General Smith. Huh, yeah, this, this is Captain Jenkins. We sort of have a small problem here. Don't know how it really happened, but we sort of, well, sort of launched a missile. Yes sir, I know that's not too good, but that's really not the real problem. Well, you see sir, we can't stop it! That's correct sir, it won't self-destruct! Well don't get mad at me sir, I didn't build it! Where's it going? Well sir, it's sort of going in circles, then up and down, you know! Well it was an accident sir. I really didn't mean to fire it! I must of pressed too hard on the switch. The warhead sir! Well that's really what I wanted to talk to your about. You do have a sense of humor, don't you sir.
I thought the booze was for after SNAP!
All this and I still can't get Howdy Doody!
It's not that my jacket is buttoned wrong. It's that my right shoulder is higher than my left!
Somewhere it's got to tell me how I turn this thing on!
Mail Call!!
The good! The bad! And the real ugly!!!!!
Why are we so happy?
I told them it wouldn't fit!
One day in the future someone will look at this picture and wonder what the beer can was doing on my desk and whether or not I was drinking it. Actually, I was just sitting here polishing my brass.
Pocket what? I never play that!.
My job is to keep the rats from chewing through the cables!
Ah! The college dorms!
That's right! I pushed it up there myself!
Why am I so happy????
I told him not to eat that fish.
LAND HO! What do you mean land ho! I'm in the Army not the Navy!
Before and after. Okay! Which one is before and which one is after?
They help keep the moagies away!!
And I thought it was horse meat they were feedin' us!
They call me, "Boy Wonder."
I can also whistle like a train!
Try and take my Playboy!
How much beer did we drink last night?
I told sarge that there was a short in the arming circuit! He had to find out for himself. Bye, bye sarge.
No sir, I'm the civilian barber. Specialist Jones gave me the phone as he ran out the door. Again! He told me to tell you that a Mike-23 is smoking in the pits and he is out of here! Whatever that means. Anyway sir, about the haircuts.
No sir, these are not your goggles. They may look like your goggles, but they're not!
Where's your hat soldier?
The soda machine is off limits
What did the cook put in that chili?
Yep! We play Elvis songs to them. Then we shoot them!
What makes you think I rode in on it?
This is my Christmas Tree. Get you own!
The sarge says if I'm good. he'll give me bullets!
That's right! I shot this tree.
Gee! I hope they invent radar soon!