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We would like to thank our loyal fellow members of the Nike Historical Society for your continued support over the years. We will be closing the Society, including the store, as of March 31, 2024. We have acquired a large repository of Nike technical information. The web site will continue to be available. It has been our pleasure to keep the legacy of the Nike missile's contribution of the successful conclusion to the Cold War.

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Patrick W. Mackay

I kind of would like to find photos for my kids to see. I am now 83 years old so it is of interest to them where I served briefly in those hectic times and for their historical knowledge of such a period, often overlooked. I got pulled into service briefly by the Selective Service of back then. I had just finished a college degree in math and physics and had an awarded scholarship to study and work at Oak Ridge, Tennessee, but the exigencies of the Cold War preempted my going to Oak Ridge for my masters or doctorate degree. Of course, back then the Army needed all able persons who didn't need to be specially trained to understand a lot of technical stuff, so even though I had flat feet, which I had overcome by special arch supports in my roller skating boots in High School, not chance, I got called in since the SS board told me "yes, but you won second place in free-skating in TX." So I went briefly to basic training and off to service at Milford. Later, when I returned when ACBMs were the problem, I found that the scholarship was not sustained, so luckily I entered work in developing a new steel making process at a local upcoming steel plant in Monterrey, Mexico, from which I retired some time ago and had married my wife here and have three kids and four grandsons. They have never heard of NIKEs except as shoes.

I am an inventor of many patents and have also served as sort of a miniature Peace Corp, as I wrote to John F. Kennedy way back then- not that anybody cares. But my service has been of importance to the North American Continent as I tell my kids and grandchildren. One never knows where one can serve to make the world a better place. I am now 82, a United States citizen born in Texas. My three kids and four grandchildren are also U.S. citizens.

I would be interested in any site that shows Milford, Connecticut where I was briefly stationed in the late 1950s.

It would be interesting to my sons and daughters and grandchildren.

Some now live in Texas, others with me in Monterrey, Mexico.

I understand that the Milford site was decommissioned.

Thanks for your attention and I look forward to your reply.

Patrick W. Mackay