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Meeting minutes July 18, 2021

Minutes of virtual meeting 7/18/2021

Attendees: Al Kellogg, Ron Parshall, Liz Parshall, Ron Jacobs, Gordon Lunn, Greg Brown, Judy Kellogg and Linda Stoppoloni

Meeting was called to order at 11:03 a.m.

Secretary read minutes of 4/18/21 meeting. A correction has been noted on receipts by Judy Kellogg from $140.13 which was incorrect to $214.48. Minutes were then accepted.

Treasurer’s report: As of 7/12/21 we have $8794.87 in the bank. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

New Business:

We have 4 new members with sales of $738.15 from 4/20/21 to 7/16/21.

Judy Kellogg has receipts of $74.59 for postage and $115.22 for office supplies for a total of $189.81. She will send receipts to the treasurer. Ron Jacobs has a receipt for Zoom for $15.97. The treasurer will send out checks.

The GGNRA hosted a volunteer picnic at SF-88 on Saturday, July 3rd which was well attended including Al Kellogg, Gordon Lunn and Greg Brown. Covid19 protocols have been relaxed so masks were not required. These requirements may change in the future and will be noted at our next meeting.

Greg Brown, a volunteer at SF-88 in Marin Headlands, notified NHS that the antenna is still not spinning. After disconnecting all cables found that was not the problem. The antenna may have to be removed to be checked out properly. The BC Van had evidence of rust, mildew and rodent infestations. The rodent issue has been addressed and the vans entirely sealed off. Greg put a new dehumidifier in this van as the previous one was completely blocked. He suggests we inform the GGNRA that another dehumidifier is required. Linda Stoppoloni suggested we first ask Al Blank if it is possible for them to provide another unit.

Al Kellogg said the weed whacker was also broken and he has one to donate. He also mowed the site and it looks very good.

The Nike Historical Society picnic usually held the first Saturday of September has been postponed until 2022 due to Covid19 uncertainties and restrictions. We will decide in January 2022 what our plans will be.

Al Kellogg has come across a website from for models to build of the Nike Hercules missile at 1/40th scale if anyone is interested in purchasing one from them.

Gordon Lunn gets the quarterly Alaska Association for Historic Preservation Newsletter (which contains updates from Friends of Nike Site Summit) and will distribute it to the directors of NHS.

Webmaster, Ron Jacobs, has been working on our website putting videos in a different format. He has included a 2 second preview and a logo of NHS. They can be seen in movies link and Italian site. The still picture software is obsolete and is kept working by using an old software language which will soon cost the NHS a $5 per month charge from our web host. He is also in touch with Ed Thelan regarding his website and will be working with him on the transfer to our website in the future. Thanks also go to Ron for his expertise in bringing our meetings to us on Zoom.

Gordon Lunn reviewed the latest SF-88 handout for visitors and found that it showed soldiers in CBR masks and claimed they were dressed for fueling. “Nothing Could Be Further From the Truth” said Gordon, and submitted 3 photos of Nike Ajax fueling for inclusion in the next visitor handout (when we run out of the current version). In the meantime, one of Gordon’s pictures of the fueling operation is posted on the wall of the Generator Building/Site Visitor Center.

Nothing has been heard from Joint Base Elmendorf Richardson since their March 12th Zoom meeting to discuss the new Programmatic Agreement being developed.

Our next meeting will be on Zoom on October 24, 2021.

Meeting adjourned at 11:55 a.m.