Important Announcement

We would like to thank our loyal fellow members of the Nike Historical Society for your continued support over the years. We will be closing the Society, including the store, as of March 31, 2024. We have acquired a large repository of Nike technical information. The web site will continue to be available. It has been our pleasure to keep the legacy of the Nike missile's contribution of the successful conclusion to the Cold War.

the Board of Directors
Nike Historical Society


Minutes of meeting 2/18/2024

Minutes of meeting 2/18/24

Attendees: Al Kellogg, Ron Jacobs, Linda Stoppoloni, Gordon Lunn, and Judy Kellogg

Meeting was called to order at 10:11 a.m.

Secretary read minutes of 1/28/24 meeting. Minutes were amended and accepted.

Treasurer’s report: As of 1/26/24 we have $8940.48 in the bank. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

New Business:

Secretary has receipts as follows:

USPS $43.00 for shipping

Office Depot $78.93 for paper and ink

Amazon $28.34 for ink

Total: $150.27

Receipts will be sent to the Treasurer for payment.

A check for $20.00 will also be required for Linda Stoppoloni for hosting our meeting.

There are no new members. Sales from 1/1/24 to 2/3/24 are $274.75

SF88 update:

On 2/7/24 Al Kellogg met at SF88 with maintenance and safety to go over some new procedures and safety concerns. For future work or major items the volunteers must give the GGNRA 30 days advance notice for work they are proposing to complete. This requires a JHA form. Greg Brown will also keep a log of the work done and provide it to Vassar Terry of the GGNRA.

The park service gave a safety presentation to our volunteers. Vassar Terry provided hard hats, safety glasses and miscellaneous cleaning items to the Nike volunteers. Then a tour was arranged for the maintenance group and the safety administration. The GGNRA has sanctioned the Nike volunteers to work at SF88.

We are also working on the dissolution of the Nike Historical Society aided by Gordon Lunn with his professional help.

Al Kellogg has been asked by Alec Gyorfi, a volunteer at SF88, if we can provide 2 patches that he had purchased awhile ago and was running out of stock. We all agreed that we can pay for these new patches and he can distribute them.

Ron Jacobs, our webmaster, would like to see the websites and continue and we will have more information on that at the next meeting.

Our next meeting is on April 21, 2024 in SSF at 10:00 a.m.

Meeting adjourned at 11:27 a.m.