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Meeting minutes May 15, 2022

Minutes of virtual meeting 5/15/2022

Attendees: Al Kellogg, Ron Parshall, Ron Jacobs, Gordon Lunn, Linda Stoppoloni, Greg Brown, and Judy Kellogg

Meeting was called to order at 10:05 A.M.

Secretary read minutes of 2/13/22 meeting. Minutes were accepted.

Treasurer’s report: As of 5/10/22 we have $7610.64 in the bank. Treasurer’s report was accepted.

New Business:

We have 5 new members with sales of $1688.40 from 2/10/22 to 5/14/22.

Judy Kellogg has receipts of $134.08 for postage and $151.50 for office supplies for a total of $285.58.

She will send receipts to Treasurer.

Ron Jacobs has a receipt for Zoom for $15.97. He has sent the receipt to the Treasurer who will send out checks.

We have received 36 new Nike Ajax hats and 36 Nike Hercules hats. Treasurer reimbursed secretary for this purchase. Ron Jacobs will add the new Ajax hat picture to our store. Since postage has increased in 2022 there was a motion to increase the shipping of hats from $6.00 to $7.50 to cover the expenses. Motion approved.

Webmaster updates:

Ron Jacobs has published Tom Cluff’s story on our web site. We are still looking for professional help in managing our web site.

SF88 updates:

Al Kellogg was at SF88 and was able to mow the dog yard. He still has some more work to do and then will need help with painting. We have volunteers from NHS to help with the painting. The vans did not leak this past winter. Gordon Lunn was at SF88 last Saturday for the open house. There was no power to van so they couldn’t run the antenna. There are 6 volunteers from the Park Service for mowing the area and keeping it clean but they will need more help.

There is a head architect looking at the rails that are rusted. He has a new rust remover that will be used for this purpose. There also have been Nike items missing from Battery Alexander and this will be addressed with the park service as a priority.

All volunteers have to show certificate of vaccination or negative Covid test as Marin County has an increase in Covid19 cases. Al Blank will have to keep us informed of the regulations.

Greg Brown, a volunteer at SF88 has been working with Al Blank to purchase a dehumidifier for the RC Van due to mold. Ed Thelan and Greg Brown finally bought a small one themselves. NHS made a motion which was approved for Greg to purchase the larger dehumidifier on line and we would donate it to the cause. Greg will do this and give receipts up to $350.00 to Treasurer.

Picnic/reunion at SF88:

With the new restrictions in Marin County, the volunteers are not willing to organize a reunion at this time. We will have to look at 2023.

No other items were discussed. Our next meeting will be held on Zoom on August 14, 2022.

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.