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DOD removing Social Security Numbers from ID cards

To protect your privacy and personal identity information, your Social Security Number (SSN) is being replaced with a DOD ID Number on all ID cards.

SSN Removal ID card Changes:

As of June 2011, SSNs will no longer be printed on any new ID card.

SSN removal will occur in three phases.

Your new ID card will have a DOD ID Number in place of your SSN.

Your DoD ID Number will be used as the Geneva Conventions serial number.

If you are eligible for DOD benefits, there will also be a DOD Benefits Number printed on your new ID card. For more information about Social Security Number removal, please visit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who will get a new ID card?
A. All DOD ID cardholders will get a new ID card with a DoD ID Number in place of their SSN.

Q. When should I go get my new ID card?
A. Current ID cards should not be replaced until your card is within 30 days of its expiration date. If your ID card has an INDEF expiration date, and you would like your SSN removed, contact your nearest RAPIDS ID Card facility for an appointment.

Q. Will my ID be rejected without a visible SSN?
A. Your ID should not be rejected but you may be asked to verbally state your SSN or sponsor's SSN to access benefits.

Q. Will my medical provider use my DOD Benefits Number to process my claims?
A. Until all ID cards are replaced, providers may use either your SSN or DOD benefits number.

Q. Where can I get my new ID card?
A. ID cards are available at over 1,500 RAPIDS ID card centers worldwide. Visit the RAPIDS Site Locator at to find a location near you.

Q. What should I bring?
A. Bring two forms of identification. One must be a valid (not expired) federal or state issued photo ID. Visit for more information.

Thanks to Paul Curtis for this news item.